About Us

In early 2020 seven Métis communities left the Metis Nation of Alberta Association (MNAA) to form the Alberta Métis Federation (“AMF”). The seven communities left the (MNAA) over concerns that the MNAA was eliminating local communities from its structure, a takeover of consultation by its head office and the recognition of non-status Indians in Ontario as Métis.

AMF membership is restricted to historic rights bearing Métis communities in Alberta that can trace the ancestry of their community members to the Historic Métis Nation. It has already formed relationships with the Manitoba Métis Federation, the Nationalist Métis Movement in Saskatchewan, as well as various regional, local, and indigenous governments in Alberta.


The Alberta Métis Federation strived to empower the Métis Nation by grass roots activism through a community-based focus.

The Métis Nation developed during the fur trade in what is now western Canada through unions between French and Scottish fur traders with Indigenous women. A New Nation was born over the course of several generations in the 16 and 1700s. By 1816, the Métis had their own language, flag, and distinct culture. There are an estimated 400,000 descendants of the Historic Métis people living in Canada today.